Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Ron Clements Interview -- Part II

When Ron Clements started his directorial career, he was filling a slot on The Great Mouse Detective that opened up when original director Burny Mattinson got promoted to producer ...

TAG Interview with Ron Clements

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Although he and John Musker were co-directors on TGMD, Disney veteran Dave Michener was also a sequence director. It wasn't until The Little Mermaid that Ron and John became "Ron and John" (that is, creators of a cluster of Disney features that have earned the titles of "classics" over the last couple of decades.)

Ron goes into all of that (and more) in this second installment of the TAG interview, where you can listen or view a generous section of the talk we had last Friday afternoon. (You will also get to hear how a stuffy British crab named "Clarence" became a Calypsonian songster named "Sebastian.) ...
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